The environment needs to remain healthy so that we can depend on it for years to come. When contamination is present in the soil, air, or water that could harm the environment or human health, the right steps need to be put in place to manage the contamination.

This could mean measures to:

  • prevent
  • anticipate
  • remediate
  • manage, and
  • mitigate.

What we expect

Companies must be able to demonstrate to the CER that contamination is being addressed. We expect companies to follow the strictest environmental standards when doing so. These standards protect human health, soil, air, surface water, and groundwater and much more.

To manage contamination, companies need to follow the CER Remediation Process Guide. The guide covers topics, such as:

  • how to report contamination to the CER
  • steps need to take place after reporting contamination
  • our expectations for engaging and notifying communities and regulators
  • actions needed for third-party contamination
  • remedial action plans and requirements
  • remediation criteria

Read the CER 2020 Remediation Process Guide

What happens after we are notified

  1. A company notifies us of contamination.
  2. The company also notifies and engages with those who may be affected.
  3. We assign a remediation event number (REM) to the site.
  4. An environmental analyst is assigned to the remediation project. This person is also an inspection officer. They hold all of the responsibilities and authorities of this role as set out in the Canadian Energy Regulator Act.
  5. The environmental analyst reviews the company’s remedial action plan, risk management plan, and closure report.
  6. We may conduct compliance meetings with companies to discuss management of contamination or a field inspection to verify that sites are being remediated and managed appropriately.


We require companies to report contamination they encounter. The CER 2020 Remediation Process Guide further explains what needs to be reported and what activities need to take place after contamination is reported.

To learn more about the Notices of Contamination that have been submitted to the CER, click on the button below.

View the Notices of Contamination

If a release occurs, companies need to follow the CER Event Reporting Guidelines.

Learn more about reporting releases to the CER.

Regulatory Improvements


The Canada Energy Regulator publishes Bulletins to clarify requirements on specific topics in the CER Remediation Process Guide.

Bulletin 1: Third Party Contamination (March 2023)

  • Bulletin 1 provides guidance on reporting requirements for third party contamination (Section 9).

Bulletin 2: Closure Report Worksheet (Appendix H) Version 2.0 (June 2023)

  • Bulletin 2 contains a worksheet that replaces Appendix H in the CER 2020 Remediation Process Guide. The Closure Report Worksheet Version 2.0 must be submitted with the Closure Report (Section 14)

All company letters

  • 8 April 2021 – Public Disclosure of Contaminated Sites Information [Filing C12305]
  • 29 October 2020 – Canada Energy Regulator (CER) 2020 Remediation Process Guide [Filing C09217]
  • 15 August 2018 – Using the Online Event Reporting System for Submitting a Notice of Contamination and Subsequent Documentation [Filing A93544]

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