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An Indigenous family in their home using energy in multiple ways: on their computer and cooking in the kitchen.

Energy plays a fundamental role in the lives of all Canadians. From transportation, to healthcare, to the clothes we wear; every product and service in our country requires energy. At the Canada Energy Regulator we collect, monitor, analyze, and publish fact-based information on energy markets and supply, sources of energy, and the safety and security of pipelines and international power lines.

What we do

Canada's energy future

Discover the Energy Futures series which explores how possible energy futures might unfold for Canadians over the long term. Energy Futures uses economic and energy models to make these projections.

Energy commodities

Find the data sets and reports we publish regularly on commodity imports and exports, energy supply, and sources. Explore our visualized data overview of key market metrics by each commodity. Want to know more about the pipelines that carry these products to markets? – Check out Pipeline Profiles.

Energy Markets

Read our bi-weekly bite-sized Market Snapshots, explore the unique energy landscapes found in each province and territory, and check out commodity prices and trade updates.


Check out our convenient unit conversion calculator and unit conversion tables.

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