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We share information on incidents and what we find during inspections and audits so that we can work together to find solutions and prevent them from happening again

Stay informed

Event reporting

Learn about how we get the data for events reported to the CER, our online event reporting system, and what companies are required to report.

Incidents at pipelines and facilities

Explore incidents reported to the CER by company, region, type of incident, and more. Interact with the data to find out information on what happened and why, including details on whether a substance was released and how much.

Information and Safety Advisories

Search through advisories the CER has issued. Advisories cover important information about concerns we have identified that we expect companies to address to protect people and the environment.

Interactive pipeline map

View a map of pipelines regulated by the CER in Canada. Interact with the map to see the length of a certain pipeline and information on the number of incidents related to specific infrastructure.

Pipeline performance measures and reports

Read through reports we have published on pipeline performance measures. Review data related to safety, emergency, and integrity management, environmental protection, damage prevention, and security.

Reports on compliance and enforcement

Read reports on work we do to check that companies are complying with requirements and what we do to enforce them.

What we are doing

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