Compliance with conditions

We do a lot of work to make sure companies identify and address risks before they begin a project. If we identify a risk during the review of an application, we may ask a company to meet a number of requirements first. These requirements are called conditions and are specific to a project. We set conditions to reduce risks, prevent harm, promote safety, and protect the environment.

Search conditions

  1. An interactive visual search: Visually explore, learn, or research conditions for CER-regulated projects by company, location, or keyword.
  2. Conditions compliance data: View up to date conditions data in a csv table format. Data is updated daily.

    • Download the conditions compliance data from open gov.
About this table (disclaimer)...

Conditions in this table have been transcribed or copied from the certificates and orders as issued. The text of a condition in the original document will always be the correct version if there is a discrepancy between this table and the original.

Learn about closed and in-progress conditions...

In progress conditions

We continue to monitor and follow up on conditions in progress.

We do this when:

  • a project is not complete (for example, a project has a condition for post-construction but construction is not yet complete)
  • we have not received condition filings
  • we have received filings, but they do not meet requirements

Closed conditions

A condition is closed when the requirements for the condition have been met and we do not need the company to submit anything further.

Using the instrument number to search in REGDOCS...

Search for documents about a condition in REGDOCS (regulatory document index). Use the instrument number listed in the table.

Types of conditions

We may require a company to submit:

  • environmental protection plans
  • construction schedules
  • species-specific studies
  • mitigation and monitoring documentation
  • employee training programs and manuals

Verifying that companies are meeting requirements

We verify that companies are meeting requirements through:

  • inspections
  • audits
  • compliance meetings
  • manual or report reviews
  • emergency response exercise evaluations

If during any of these activities we discover that our requirements or conditions are not being met, we take enforcement action. Learn more about the tools we use to enforce requirements.

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