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Participation & Lands

Before a company can build a federally regulated pipeline, power line, or offshore renewable energy project, it must first apply to the CER. We review and assess proposed projects, including potential impacts to people, property, and the environment, as well as examine a company’s engagement activities. The CER’s Commission holds public hearings for projects that require a certificate, and other projects when appropriate.

Services and Information

Submit applications and documents

Learn how to submit applications and regulatory documents if you’re a company, hearing participant, member of an Indigenous people or community or other party.

View regulatory documents

Visit REGDOCS, the CER’s online repository for all hearing information.

View applications and projects

Learn more about specific projects currently before the CER.

Participate in a hearing

Read about the public hearing process and how you can participate in a specific proposed energy project.

Pipeline Abandonment

Learn about the requirements companies must meet, and the CER’s processes and documentation associated with abandoning CER-regulated pipeline systems.


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Participating in a CER Hearing

Cover sample of the Participating in a CER Hearing brochure

Download print (PDF) version or view online (HTML) version

Filing manuals

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See how filing manuals can help you understand what to include in an application to the CER.

Acts and Regulations

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Learn about the different acts, regulations, and rules that the CER operates under.

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