Notice of Contamination (NOC)

  • Regulated companies are required to report contamination to the CER through the online submission of a Notice of Contamination (NOC) as stated in the Remediation Process Guide.
  • Every site of contamination that is reported to the CER is assigned a remediation (REM) number (ex. REM2021-000).
  • The information reported in the NOC is the best available information at the time of submission and the NOC is not updated after submission, even though the information often changes upon further assessment. For example, the volume of contaminated soil is difficult to estimate when contamination is initially found so this number often changes from the number reported in the NOC.
  • The progress of remedial activities is captured in the annual update submitted by a company each year for a contaminated site. The annual update can be linked to the NOC through the REM number.
  • The CER publishes NOCs that have been submitted to the CER since August 2018, and annual updates that have been submitted since 2021, in REGDOCS. REGDOCS is the CER’s regulatory database.
  • To view the NOCs and annual updates that have been submitted to the CER visit REGDOCS.
    • You can search by Company – Notification of Contamination (Featured Item) – Year. This will bring you to the list of NOCs and annual updates submitted by a company that calendar year. To search for all annual updates linked to the NOC, search using the REM number (ex. REM2021-000).
  • NOC submitted since 15 August 2018 are also available as a data set on Canada Open Government. The dataset is updated monthly. Where applicable, the dataset has been integrated with the CER’s pipeline information product Pipeline Profiles (see the Safety and Environment section).

Third Party Contamination

  • Third-party contamination is on-site contamination that is shown to not be emanating or migrating from the company’s facilities or company owned or leased lands or Right-of-Way.
  • While third party contamination is not the result of company activities, the CER still requires that this contamination is reported to the CER through the submission of a NOC. The NOC will identify that the contamination being reported is third party contamination. For further requirements related to third party contamination, see section 9 in the Remediation Process Guide
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