Remediation Process Guide

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October 2020


As the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), we oversee our environmental protection mandate throughout the lifecycle of Facilities that are regulated under our jurisdiction. Environmental protection activities include the management of Contamination by companies operating Facilities that are under our jurisdiction. Companies must comply with all laws related to the reporting, management, remediation, and monitoring of contamination.

The 2020 CER Remediation Process Guide provides the framework for companies to demonstrate they are effectively anticipating, preventing, managing and mitigating the Adverse Effects of Contamination related to their Facilities. Find information within the Guide on our process for the submission of remediation process documents, and guidance on how to maintain compliance with our requirements.


See the Bulletins published on Third Party Contamination (March 2023) and the updated Closure Report Worksheet (Appendix H) version 2.0 (June 2023).

Explore the guide

Quick access to worksheets and checklists

Remediation process for contamination
(Appendix A)

See a flowchart of the steps that take place during the remediation process.

Concordance tables
(Appendix B)


Find examples of the tables required for Appendices F, G, and H.

Assessment guide for RAP requirement
(Appendix C)

Respond to the questions in this important worksheet on remedial action plan requirements.

Risk assessment
(Appendix D)

Get the worksheet and information on what to include in a risk assessment.

Contamination scenarios and required actions
(Appendix E)

Review sample scenarios and get an idea of what may be required after submitting an NOC.

Remedial action plan (RAP) worksheet
(Appendix F)

Find a worksheet to help you with your remedial action plan.

Risk management plan (RMP) worksheet
(Appendix G)

Submit this worksheet to us when you submit your risk management plan.

Closure report worksheet
(Appendix H)


Download the worksheet you’ll need to submit along with your closure report.

Declaration letter
(Appendix I)


Don’t forget to include a declaration letter with your closure report.

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