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NEB SA 2007-02 Operator Fatally Injured During Dismantling of Lattice Boom Crane – New Brunswick [PDF 134 KB]

26 April 2007

To: All companies under National Energy Board jurisdiction,
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association,
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, and
Provincial Regulators

Subject: National Energy Board Safety Advisory
NEB SA 2007-02

Attached is a safety advisory regarding the hazards associated with the improper dismantling sequence of lattice boom cranes. Although this advisory pertains to boom cranes, the same preventive actions should be taken when working under any equipment and machinery. The Board expects that this advisory be given wide circulation to personnel involved in maintenance, construction and pipeline/powerline operations within your organization.

If you have questions concerning this initiative, please call Chris van Egmond ( at 403-472-0696.

Yours truly,

David Young
Acting Secretary


Safety Advisory
NEB SA 2007-02

26 April 2007

Operator Fatally Injured During Dismantling of Lattice Boom Crane - New Brunswick

Incident Description

An experienced 50 year old operator/mechanic was fatally injured while dismantling a lattice boom crane while working on a power line construction project. The victim and two workers were dismantling the crane in preparation for transport. The crane boom was lowered to five feet off the ground and supported by the engaged boom pendants. One worker removed two of the support pins. The victim positioned himself under the inner heel or base section and the center section of the boom to remove the remaining two pins. When the victim removed these two pins, the boom sections fell, striking and pinning the victim underneath. Co-workers used power jacks to raise the boom sections off the victim. Emergency medical services responded and the victim was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

Cause of the Incident

It has been determined that the operator missed a crucial step in the dismantling procedure.

Preventive Actions

Ensure that proper procedures are in place and followed to prevent movement of the boom sections when dismantling cranes.

Ensure that all workers assigned to dismantle or assist in the dismantling of cranes and other equipment are familiar with the safe work procedures and can recognize the hazards of improper dismantling sequences.

Never work under suspended loads.

Ensure appropriate locks, blocks, chocks and supports are in place before working on equipment or machinery.

For further information regarding this advisory please contact the National Energy Board at 403-292-4800 and ask for assistance from staff who deals with pipeline crossing matters.

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