Electricity Generation and Consumption

In 2018, Saskatchewan generated 24.3 terawatt hours (TW.h) of electricity. About 83% of electricity in Saskatchewan is produced from fossil fuels - approximately 43% from natural gas, 40% from coal, and a very small fraction of petroleum used in remote off-grid communities. The remaining 17% is produced from renewables, primarily hydroelectricity (Figure 11).

In 2017, annual electricity consumption per capita in Saskatchewan was 20 megawatt hours (MW.h).

Figure 11: Electricity Generation by Fuel Type, 2018

Figure 11: Electricity Generation by Fuel Type, 2018

Source: CER - Canada’s Energy Future 2019


This pie chart shows electricity generation by source in Saskatchewan. A total of 24.3 TW.h of electricity was generated in 2018.

Electricity Provider

SaskPower, is owned by the Saskatchewan government through its holding company the Crown Investments Corporation. It provides electricity services to Saskatchewan residents. Electricity rates are set through a cost of service methodology (COS) review. The rates are reviewed every five years by an independent consultant overseen by the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel (SRRP).  The last rate review was completed June 2017.

Energy Cost

Saskatchewan’s energy charge is 14.228 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kW.h).

Basic Monthly Charge

SaskPower charges a basic monthly charge of $22.79.

Federal Carbon Charge

Saskatchewan generates some of its electricity using fossil fuels. A federal carbon charge is included on all electricity bills. It is 0.5744  ¢/kW.h.

Figure 12: Saskatchewan Monthly Electricity Bill Break-down and Appliance Costs

Source: SaskPower


This interactive dashboard shows Saskatchewan residents what it costs to run various appliances based on the different lengths of time they are operated. The data for these graphs is available.

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