New Brunswick

Electricity Generation and Consumption

In 2018, New Brunswick generated 12.2 terawatt hours (TW.h) of electricity. Approximately 39% of New Brunswick’s electricity generation was from nuclear, 30% was from fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, and petroleum), and 21% was from hydroelectricity. The remainder was produced from wind and biomass. (Figure 21)

In 2017, annual electricity consumption per capita in New Brunswick was 16.7 MW.h.

Figure 21: Electricity Generation by Fuel type, 2018

Figure 21: Electricity Generation by Fuel type, 2018

Source: CER - Canada’s Energy Future 2019


This pie chart shows electricity generation by source in New Brunswick. A total of 12.2 TW.h of electricity was generated in 2018.

Electricity Provider

Most of the electricity system in New Brunswick is owned and operated by NB Power, a publicly owned, vertically integrated utility. NB Power is required to file with the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board all charges, rates, and tolls. The utility is required to apply to the Board annually for the approval of rates.

There are also three municipal utilities, Saint John Energy, Edmundston Energy and Perth Energy.

Energy Charge

NB Power electricity rates are 11.18 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kW.h).

Basic Charge

All residential urban customers are required to pay a basic charge of $22.39 per month.

Figure 22: New Brunswick Monthly Electricity Bill Break-down and Appliance Costs

Source: NB Power


This interactive dashboard shows New Brunswick residents what it costs to run various appliances based on the different lengths of time they are operated. The data for these graphs is available.

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