Filing Manual – Chapter 7 – Referenced Documents

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Canada Energy Regulator Act

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Abandonment Funding and Planning

  • May 2009, Reasons for Decision RH-002-2008, Land Matter Consultation Initiative Stream 3 Pipeline Abandonment – Financial Issues [Filing A21835]
    Contains relevant principles, a preliminary Base Case and the 5-year Action Plan
  • 4 March 2010, Base Case Revisions to Preliminary Base Case Assumptions [Filing A24600]
    Contains further detail on cost definitions and on collection periods and expected earnings on set-aside funds. Also contains details on filing formats
  • 21 December 2010, Unit Costs [Filing A27778]
    Contains estimates of individual cost components derived through discussions with industry
  • 7 March 2011, Letter in response to CEPA [Filing A28440]
  • February 2013, Reasons for Decision MH-001-2012, Applications filed in November 2011 for approval of preliminary cost estimates for abandonment cost funding [Filing A50478]
  • 14 February 2013 Board Letter to Group 2 Companies on Abandonment Cost Estimates [Filing A50479]
  • May 2014, Reasons for Decision MH-001-2013, Applications for Approval of Set-Aside and Collection Mechanisms for Abandonment Cost Funding [Filing A60676],
    Contains Model Trust Agreement, Model Letter of Credit, and Model Surety Bond
  • National Energy Board Decisions on Compliance with Reasons for Decision MH-001-2013 – Companies filing Trusts [Filing A64904]
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