Submit Applications and Regulatory Documents

If you are a Company Proponent (not an Intervenor) that needs to electronically file documents please choose from the following options:

File under the

(export/import, facilities, tolls & tariffs, etc.)

File under

(northern/offshore activity permissions, etc.)

If you want to Apply to Participate, have been accepted as a Hearing Participant or want to file documents for a hearing, please choose from the following options:

Apply to

(If you have questions or need guidance, please contact a process advisor toll-free at 1-800-899-1265.)

File Hearing

(Hearing participants must use the participation portal.)

If you are an Indigenous Group or 3rd party (landowner, municipality, or other affected party), please choose from the following options:

Letter of Comment e-file (Electronic Document Submission) your letter
Complaint Guidance
Form [PDF 148 KB]
File by mail or fax.
Compensation Dispute Hearing Application (s. 327(1)) Guidance
Application Form [PDF 431 KB]
e-file (Electronic Document Submission) completed form
Section 335 Application
  • Ground disturbance, facility construction and crossings near pipelines
  • Cost apportionment
Application Form
File by mail or fax.
Confidential Indigenous Knowledge Guidance

If you wish to file sensitive documents, read about Sensitive Documents.

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