Statement of Concern

We require companies to notify everyone that may be impacted, including landowners and Indigenous Peoples, that an application has been filed with the CER. The notice must indicate that people can raise any project-related concerns with us.

Anyone that has specific concerns about a company’s proposed project can submit a statement of concern within 21 days of the application being filed with the CER.

Important – Before you submit

  • Statements of concern are for new applications for proposed energy projects with the CER. However, if you have concerns about an existing energy project, such as levels of noise, and you are unable to resolve them with the company, see the complaint resolution process.
  • Your statement of concern will be made public. Do not include information you want to keep private, such as rent payments, medical history, or employment records, in your submission.

How to submit a statement of concern

Step 1:  Download the statement of concern template.

  • Include information about yourself: your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Include information about the proposed project: the name of the company and the name of the project.
  • Describe your concerns about the proposed project and any ideas about how your concerns can be addressed.
  • If you may be impacted by the project, explain what your interests are and how they may be impacted. For example, you own lands near the proposed project (include address or other property identifier) and you may be impacted by noise and traffic during construction.
  • If you are sharing information about the project, include the source of the information (e.g., your experience or expertise).
  • If you need additional opportunities to make your concerns known, explain what process steps you need and why.

Step 2:  Submit the completed statement of concern form using e-file.

Download the statement of concern form [PDF 225 KB]

Submit using e-file

What happens after you submit a statement of concern

The Commission of the CER will consider your statement of concern when it makes its decision on the project.

The Commission will also use the information you provide to plan its review. For example, the Commission may ask the company for a written response, which it will consider (in addition to your statement of concern) when it makes its decision on the project. The Commission may also establish other opportunities for you to make your concerns known and for the company to respond. 

In deciding whether to hold additional process, the Commission will consider whether your interests may be impacted by the project and your explanation as to why you need more process steps.

Further information on the application will be communicated to anyone who submits a completed form. 

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