Statement of Concern

We require companies to notify all potentially affected persons and communities, including landowners and Indigenous peoples, that an application has been filed with the CER. The notice should indicate that people can raise any project-related concerns with us.

Canadians, including landowners and Indigenous peoples, who have specific concerns about a company’s proposed energy project, can submit a statement of concern within 21 days of the application being filed with the CER.

Important – Before you submit

  • Statements of concern are for new applications for proposed energy projects with the CER. However, if you have concerns about an existing energy project, such as levels of noise, and you are unable to resolve them with the company, see the complaint resolution process.
  • Your statement of concern will be made public. Do not include information you want to keep private, such as rent payments, medical history, or employment records, in your submission.

How to submit a statement of concern

Step 1:  Download the statement of concern template. Make sure you include:

  • Information about yourself. This includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Information about the proposed project. For example the name of the company, the name of the proposed project, and the project’s location.
  • Information about your concerns. For example, how you are affected by the proposed project, the nature of your concerns about the proposed project, and any ideas about how your concerns can be addressed.

Step 2:  Submit the completed statement of concern form using e-file.

Download the statement of concern form [PDF 227 KB]

Submit using e-file

What happens after you submit a statement of concern

Depending on the nature of concerns, we may require additional information from the company. In some cases, the CER’s Commission may recommend holding a hearing to address your concerns. Under the CER Act, we must hold a public hearing for pipeline projects that are more than 40 kilometres in length and power line projects that require a certificate. We have discretion to hold a public hearing for other projects.

We will consider your concerns in our decision of whether to approve or deny the company’s application. In making its decision, we will weigh both the potential positive and negative impacts of the project. 

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