Land Matters Advisory Service

The Land Matters Advisory Service (LMAS) is a service created to help Canadians understand and navigate the Canada Energy Regulator’s (CER) activities and processes related to land matters.

The LMAS guides people to the service, resource, or information related to their land matters inquiry.

The LMAS also provides online resources, including the Land Matters Guide, and templates for various CER services and processes.


Template Guidance

Statement of concern form [PDF 237 KB]:
We rely on you to bring forward your concerns and views. If you have concerns about a project, you can send us a Statement of Concern within 30 days of being notified that the company has filed an application. Your concerns will guide the CER in planning its review.

Statement of Concern

Complaint form [PDF 312 KB]:
If you are unable to resolve an issue with a CER-regulated company, facility, or activity on lands you use or own, you can send a completed form to the CER’s Complaint Resolution Team.

Complaint Resolution

Statement of Opposition to the Detailed Route [PDF 299 KB]:
Once a project is approved, it may be necessary for the Commission to determine the best possible detailed route of the pipeline and the most appropriate methods and timing of its construction. To oppose the proposed detailed route, you will need to file a written statement of opposition with the CER.

Detailed route

Objection to an Application for Right of Entry [PDF 163 KB]:
If a company is unable to reach a land agreement for access to lands required for an authorized project, it may apply to the CER for a right of entry order. If you choose to object, you must file an Objection to an Application for Right of Entry within 10 days after receiving a copy of the company’s application.

Right of entry

Compensation Hearing Application: [PDF 285 KB]:
If you and the company cannot agree on compensation payable under Part 6 of the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, either party can file an application pursuant to section 327 of the Canadian Energy Regulator Act using this form.

Land Use Compensation

Statement of Opposition to Abandonment Application [WORD 658 KB]: A statement to submit to the CER regarding opposition to an Abandonment Application by a company.

Pipeline abandonment

Still have questions or concerns?
Contact LMAS by phone: 1-800-899-1265 or email: One of our team members will respond to your inquiry within two business days.

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