North and offshore

The Northern Lights begin to colour the sky above a mountain range.

We have regulatory responsibilities for oil and gas exploration and production in the North and offshore. We also partner with a number of other organizations and work with them to coordinate assessments.

What you need to know

What we regulate in the North and offshore

Find maps, get an overview about what and where we regulate, and the acts we regulate under in the North and offshore.

Offshore drilling

Get information about what the CER expects from companies seeking to drill for oil and gas in the Canadian Arctic offshore area.

Seismic in a marine environment

Find out about what we expect from companies that apply to carry out seismic activities in marine environments that fall under the CER’s jurisdiction.

Significant or commercial discovery

Read about what these discoveries are, how companies may apply to the CER if they believe they’ve made an oil and gas discovery, and a list of declarations we’ve made.

Access to information or well material

Discover how to examine well material and information companies submit for wells and seismic programs we regulate, and how to access similar material and information for other northern and offshore areas of Canada.

Active operating licences

Learn about which companies have an operating licence to conduct oil and oil or gas activities where the CER has regulatory responsibilities.

Services agreements

Get information on who we have agreements with to provide services, the kinds of services we provide, and how these agreements help the territorial regulators following devolution.

Research, statistics, and assessments

Find statistics on oil and gas production in areas we regulate, resource assessments, and information for non-confidential wells.

Equivalency or Exemptions to certain regulatory Requirements

Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act (section 16) and the Oil and Gas Operations Act (section 54) allow the Chief Safety Officer and the Chief Conservation Officer to authorize equivalencies or exemptions to certain regulatory requirements where those officers are satisfied that the equivalency or exemption would provide a level of safety, protection of the environment, and conservation equivalent to that provided by compliance with the regulations or without compliance with that requirement.

Archived public documents

Find documents that companies have submitted to us over the years for various reviews and applications.

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