Humberplex Developments Inc. – Application made Pursuant to Subsection 112(1) of the National Energy Board Act (NEB Act)

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Application Information

  • Humberplex Developments Inc. (Humberplex) is the developer and registered owner of property located in Vaughan, Ontario (the yellow shaded area on the map below) in a residential area and through which TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TransCanada) runs a right-of-way for a 36-inch pipeline, as well as a 24-inch pipeline that is leased to Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. (Enbridge).
  • Humberplex filed an application with the National Energy Board (NEB or Board) pursuant to subsection 112(1) of the NEB Act, seeking leave of the Board to conduct grading and landscaping works around these pipelines.
  • The NEB is not required to hold hearings for applications filed pursuant to section 112 of the NEB Act and no hearing is scheduled.
  • The Board issued an information request to TransCanada as well as an information request to Enbridge on 23 September 2016.
  • The focus of the Board’s review of the application is on the safety of the pipelines during construction and throughout the pipelines’ lifecycles. The Board’s top priorities are public safety and protection of the environment.
  • On 1 February 2017, the Board issued its decision to deny the application filed by Humberplex to allow it to complete the following without the approval of TransCanada and Enbridge:
    • grading and landscaping works around the pipelines at the Grand Boulevard site; and
    • completing the landscaping works around the pipelines at the Lookout Walkway site.
  • Further, the Board did not grant the applied-for extension of Board Order MO-009-2014 with respect to the grading work on the Lookout Walkway site.

Project Map

This map provides an overview of the area.

Support to Interested Parties

Process Advisor

The NEB has assigned a Process Advisor for this application. The Process Advisor’s role is to to provide information  to the public and interested parties about the process to consider this application. For more information, please contact Marie-Eve Latour by calling (toll free) 1-800-899-1265.

Library services

The NEB Library makes available to the public a range of services including access to regulatory documents and copies of NEB publications. As such, documents related to the application can be requested by contacting the NEB Library, which is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00  p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding Canadian Statutory Holidays). Library staff strives to reply to all client requests within one business day.

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