Indigenous Advisory Committee

Indigenous Advisory Committee

The Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC) was established in August 2020. Its inaugural meeting is planned for September 2020.


Under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) must establish an advisory committee for the purpose of enhancing involvement of the Indigenous peoples of Canada and Indigenous organizations in respect of CER-regulated pipelines, power lines and offshore renewable energy projects as well as abandoned pipelines.

The Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC) is an integral part of the CER’s formal governance structure and works directly with the Board of Directors. The establishment of the IAC is a key part of the CER’s commitment to advance reconciliation. The overarching mandate of the IAC is to advise the Board on how the CER can build a new relationship with Indigenous peoples.

CER Vision for Reconciliation

The IAC plays a key advisory role to the Board on how best to enhance the involvement of Indigenous peoples and organizations in respect of CER-regulated infrastructure and other matters. The IAC facilitates the integration of Indigenous perspectives, knowledge, teachings, values, use of the land and water, oral traditions, and world views to enhance the involvement of Indigenous peoples in regulation of CER-regulated energy infrastructure. The IAC helps the Board “set the bar” when shaping the organization’s strategy related to integrating Indigenous rights and interests into the CER’s work and processes.


The IAC provides advice, from the diversity of its Members’ Indigenous perspectives, to the Board of Directors. IAC Members:

  • Contribute strategic advice and perspective on how the CER can make meaningful progress towards reconciliation in Canada;
  • Promote opportunities for positive systemic change through building and strengthening new relationships with the Board and CER staff;
  • Leverage their experience with the energy and/or natural resource sector in providing advice; and
  • Share Indigenous values and teachings as a respected voice of their communities, so the IAC and CER can learn from each other and integrate Indigenous perspectives in the CER’s strategies, plans and actions.

The IAC does not deal with specific CER-regulated projects, detailed operational matters or regulatory decision-making, nor does it provide advice on any particular decision, order or recommendation that is made by the CER Commission.


The IAC is led by a Chairperson selected by the IAC. Its membership reflects Canada’s diversity of Indigenous communities, languages, genders, geographies, and skills and expertise. Three IAC Members are appointed directly by national Indigenous organizations: the Assembly of First Nations, the Métis National Council and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami.

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