Cooperative Agreements

Government Agencies and Related Organizations Topic Date MOU
Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) Cooperation on emergency preparedness and response 2018-04-29 MOU
Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board Sharing certain information and resources relating to regulation and oversight of certain petroleum hydrocarbon and natural gas facilities in Nova Scotia 2009-07-06 MOU
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Cooperation on Safety and Security 2016-10-05 MOU
Comisión Reguladora de Energía Share experiences and lessons learned to improve regulatory outcomes in their respective jurisdictions 2017-06-09 MOU
Employment and Social Development Canada Application and Enforcement of the Canada Labour Code, Part II 2016-04-06 MOU
Statistics Canada Collection and Sharing of Information from Selected Surveys 2015-09-08 MOU
Statistics Canada Disclosure of Energy Information from the National Energy Board 2015-09-08 MOU
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the United Mexican States Agreement to advance regulatory excellence 2017-04-27 MOU
Ministry of Mineral Resources of Greenland Cooperation 2015-07-31 MOU
Government of the Northwest Territories Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations Establish and promote a mechanism for collaboration, cooperation, information sharing and dialogue 2015-07 MOU
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Pipeline Incidents in Alberta 1995-05-26 MOU [PDF 110 KB]
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Alberta Critical Facilities 2006-01 MOU [PDF 1470 KB]
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Common Reserves Database 2006-06-29 MOU [PDF 3052 KB]
British Columbia Safety Authority Administration of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Under the Jurisdiction of the National Energy Board in British Columbia 2006-03-16 MOU [PDF 198 KB]
BC Ministry of Employment and Investment Reserves Database 1997-12-24 MOU [PDF 137 KB]
BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Technical Studies 1994-12 MOU [PDF 60 KB]
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement of the Department of the Interior of the United States (BSEE)

Canada's National Energy Board and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement of the United States of America has a longstanding relationship of bilateral cooperation. As a replacement to the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding between the two agencies, the agencies have expressed their desire to continue bilateral cooperating through these letters of intent.
Cooperation 2018-05-18

NEB Letter of intent

BSEE Letter of intent [PDF 50 KB]

Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board and Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board To coordinate and promote effective cooperation in areas of mutual interest and benefit, and to support the Participants in promoting safety, security, environmental protection, and resource conservation in their respective areas of regulatory jurisdiction 2015-02-02 MOU
Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board Effective Coordination of Work and Activities 2008-11-04 MOU
Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Coordination of activities with respect to occurrences, including investigation procedures and practices and requirements for reporting occurrences, and providing for conflict resolution procedures 2011-08 MOU
Energy Resources Conservation Board Assistance in Respect of Emergency Response 2010-03-31 MOU
Environmental Assessment Office of British Columbia Environmental Assessment Equivalency Agreement 2010-06-21 MOU
Environmental Impact Review Board and Environmental Impact Screening Committee Cooperation 2012-11-20 MOU
First Nations Tax Commission Cooperation 2016-12-05 MOU
Fisheries and Oceans Canada Cooperation and Administration of the Fisheries Act and the Species at Risk Act Related to Regulating Energy Infrastructure 2013-12-16 MOU
Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Transport Canada Recovery of the Southern Resident Killer Whale through Trans Mountain Expansion Project Conditions 2017-10-05 MOU
Government of the Northwest Territories as represented by the Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations Service Agreement 2020-03-10


Government of Yukon Service Agreement 2020-09-02 MOU
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Exchange of Information and Provision of Advice – Oil and Gas Rights and Activities 2006-03-01 MOU [PDF 357 KB]
Institute of Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology Inventory Transfer 1995-02-06 MOU [PDF 46 KB]
Mackenzie Gas Project - Inuvialuit, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and Inuvialuit Game Council Inuvialuit Participation in the Environmental Review of Any Transregional Gas Pipeline Project and Any Accompanying Associated Gas Field Development in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region 2002-10-01 MOU [PDF 88 KB]
Mackenzie Gas Project – Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, Northwest Territories Water Board, Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board, Inuvialuit, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Establishment of the Northern Project Gas Secretariat 2003-12-08 MOU [PDF 902 KB]
Mackenzie Gas Project – Inuvialuit Land Administration and Inuvialuit Land Administration Commission, Northwest Territories Water Board, Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, Gwich'in Land and Water Board, Sathu Land and Water Board, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Environment Canada, Government of the Northwest Territories and Transport Canada Agreement for the Coordination of the Regulatory Review of the Mackenzie Gas Project 2004-04-22 MOU [PDF 1383 KB]
Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board Cooperative Framework 2005-09-23 MOU [PDF 201 KB]
Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board Exchange of technical expertise and knowledge, and maximization of effective and efficient environmental screening and regulatory processes 2013-02-19 MOU
Natural Resources Canada Commitments regarding Indigenous engagement for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Reconsideration hearing and Phase III consultations 2019-02-21 Letter of understanding

Summary table
Natural Resources Canada Exchange of information and provision of advice – Oil and gas rights and activities – Development of regulations 2006-06-27 MOU [PDF 466 KB]
Natural Resources Canada, Nova Scotia Minister of Energy and Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board Effective Regulation of Subsea Pipelines Involved in the Deep Panuke Offshore Project 2006-11-01 MOU [PDF 360 KB]
North American Electric Reliability Corporation Cooperation 2006-09-14 MOU [PDF 334 KB]

Questions and Answers
Northern Pipeline Agency Provision of technical advice with respect to energy mattersand advice to the Commissioner 2017-08-27 MOU
Northern Projects Management Office - Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Transport Canada, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Coordination of Northern Projects 2012-04-02 MOU
Northwest Territories Water Board Cooperation re: down-hole injection 2008-08 MOU
Nunavut Impact Review Board Establish a process to share technical expertise and knowledge 2012-08-09 MOU
Nunavut Water Board Establish a process to share technical expertise and knowledge 2012-08-08 MOU
Oil & Gas Commission of British Columbia Cooperation and coordination 2007-12 MOU
Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation Cooperation and coordination 2005-11-01 MOU
Transport Canada Pipelines and Power Lines Subject to the National Energy Board Act and Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act 2013-07-02 MOU
Transport Canada To promote marine security in areas under NEB jurisdiction 2012-02-09 MOU
United States Energy Information Administration Cooperation 2016-05-24 MOU

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