Departmental Results Framework

Raison d’être – The Canada Energy Regulator is an independent federal regulator of several parts of Canada’s energy industry. It regulates pipelines, energy development and trade on behalf of Canadians in a way that protects the public and the environment while supporting efficient markets. The Minister of Natural Resources is responsible for this organization.

As Canada’s energy regulator, the CER has a variety of roles and responsibilities throughout the lifecycle of energy infrastructure – from adjudication of energy project applications, to the provision of energy information, engagement, and constant emphasis on safety oversight and environmental protection.

We believe good governance demands that Ministers, Parliament and the public have the necessary information to properly challenge and assess our overall performance. This is an essential component of public confidence in the regulatory system.

In support of this, the CER has updated our Departmental Results Framework. The Framework allows us to clearly and credibly demonstrate the work we undertake on behalf of Canadians. It is the frame through which we will ensure our commitment to regulatory excellence will be observed at all times, everywhere in our organization.

CER Core Responsibilitie – CER Outcomes
CER Core Responsibilities CER Outcomes
Energy Adjudication The Canada Energy Regulator’s energy adjudication processes are fair, timely, transparent and accessible.
Safety and Environment Oversight Harm to people or the environment throughout the lifecycle of energy-related activities is prevented.
Energy Information Canadians access and use energy information for knowledge, research or decision-making. Canadians have opportunities to collaborate and provide feedback on Canada Energy Regulator information products.
Engagement Input provided by Indigenous Peoples and stakeholders influences the Canada Energy Regulator’s decisions and work. Indigenous Peoples and stakeholders provide feedback that engagement with the Canada Energy Regulator is meaningful.

Accountability and Continual Improvement

We are accountable to Canadians. We measure our performance through our results indicators, and drive continual improvement with our management system.

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