CER and IAMC-TMX reach milestone in joint monitoring of Trans Mountain

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November 18, 2020 – Calgary, AB – Canada Energy Regulator

Canada Energy Regulator (CER) inspection officers and Indigenous monitors for the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (IAMC-TMX) recently completed the 50th joint compliance verification activity of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and existing line.

Leading up to this milestone, IAMC-TMX Indigenous monitors led two recent inspections which focused on assessing the company’s mitigation of impacts on sites of importance to Indigenous peoples in British Columbia and Alberta. These are some of the first Indigenous monitor-led joint inspections with a Canadian federal regulator, and an exciting step forward in the CER and IAMC-TMX’s partnership.

Since 2017, Indigenous monitors for the IAMC-TMX have regularly participated in oversight of the Trans Mountain expansion and existing line with the CER, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Parks Canada. This includes working with the CER to participate in emergency management exercises, safety and environmental protection inspections, and socio-economic reviews. Through this collaboration, CER inspection officers learn about Indigenous values and world views with respect to risk, while Indigenous monitors learn about the CER’s inspection process.

The CER is committed to the ongoing process of Reconciliation and building a new relationship with Indigenous peoples based on the recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership, as identified in the Canadian Energy Regulator Act. Inspections led by Indigenous monitors demonstrate the CER’s commitment to address issues of importance to Indigenous communities and to increase capacity of the IAMC-TMX Indigenous Monitoring Program.

The IAMC-TMX and CER’s relationship will continue to strengthen as we build on our evolving partnership. Together, the CER and IAMC-TMX are now looking at ways to support ongoing training for Indigenous monitors, including opportunities to train monitors to become CER inspection officers.

Quick Facts

  • In 2016, the Government of Canada announced the creation of Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committees (IAMCs) for both the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program.
  • The IAMCs bring together Indigenous representatives and Government of Canada counterparts to provide advice to government and regulators, and to monitor the construction and operation of the projects.
  • The IAMC-TMX Indigenous Monitoring program began as a pilot program in 2017. The first joint compliance verification activity in which Indigenous monitors fully participated was CV1718-378, a full-scale emergency response river deployment exercise in the Jasper area.
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada has conducted 31 joint compliance activities with the IAMC-TMX since early 2018.
  • Since 2018, more than 30 joint monitoring activities of Line 3 have been completed by Indigenous monitors and CER inspection officers.
  • As part of its commitment to Reconciliation, the CER is considering next steps towards developing a national approach to Indigenous monitoring and identifying potential opportunities to engage with Indigenous peoples and the IAMCs, on key principles and considerations for the programs and potential co-development opportunities.


“With the guidance of the IAMC, Indigenous monitors identify the scope of the compliance verification activity, ask questions, lead meetings and ensure the company is adhering to conditions and regulations. The CER is learning from these joint inspections. The IAMC and Indigenous monitors are making us a better regulator.”
Gitane De Silva
Chief Executive Officer
Canada Energy Regulator

“Our Nations have the capacity, duty, and right to care for our lands and waters. The Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee has supported Indigenous people impacted by this project to be on the ground, overseeing construction with our knowledge and values. We have come far, and have farther to go.”
Michelle Wilsdon,
IAMC-TMX Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee

“The IAMC Indigenous Monitoring Program is part of the Government of Canada’s ongoing work to address potential impacts of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Better outcomes for Indigenous Nations, companies, regulators, and all Canadians are possible through collaborations like these and the day-to-day dialogue happening through the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee.”
Kimberly Lavoie,
IAMC-TMX Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee

“From my monitoring work on behalf of the Paul First Nation in Alberta, I saw the value of Indigenous participation and perspectives on the ground and wanted to see that reflected at the federal monitoring level. Collaborative oversight is challenging us to continue finding better ways of working together to address collective Indigenous issues of importance, such as traditional land use and protection of sacred sites, within a regulatory framework.”
Raymond Cardinal,
Indigenous Monitoring sub-committee

Associated links

  • On July 6, 2020, the CER, Trans Mountain and the IAMC-TMX published the first-ever joint statement, announcing their agreement to make continual improvements to Indigenous monitoring on the Trans Mountain pipeline and expansion project.
  • Among the 50 joint compliance verification activities are two inspections that occurred after incidents at Trans Mountain pump stations. This includes the Sumas Pump Station incident inspection in June, 2020 and the Darfield Pump Station incident inspection in May, 2018.
  • All CER compliance verification reports are posted publicly, as soon as they are finalized.

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