Transition Binder for Chief Executive Officer

July 2020

Transition Binder for Chief Executive Officer [PDF 16136 KB]

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  1. Letter from Chair
  2. Governance Manual
    1. Part 1: Legislation
    2. Part 2: Bylaws
    3. Part 3: Guidance, Terms of Reference, Policies, and Procedure
      1. Governance of the Canada Energy Regulator: Mandate, Roles and Responsibilities
      2. Open and Accountable Government, Annexes A and H
      3. Terms of Reference – Governance Committee
      4. Terms of Reference – Corporate Performance
      5. Guidance for Collaboration and Alignment Between Board, Commission and CEO
      6. Engagement Guidance for GIC appointees
      7. Time Billing Guidance
  3. Organizational Chart
  4. Biographical – Contact Information
    1. I. Board of Directors
    2. II. Commissioners
    3. III. Senior Management Committee
  5. The Canada Energy Regulator – key changes arising from the CER Act
  6. Departmental Plan
  7. Departmental Results Framework and Internal Services Framework

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