National Energy Board Ministerial Briefing Binder – NEB Regulated Companies

NEB Regulated Companies
1 1057533 Alberta Ltd. Oil Private
2 Aurora Pipe Line Company Ltd. Oil Public
3 Canadian Natural Resources Limited Oil Public
4 Enbridge Bakken Pipeline Company Inc., on behalf of Enbridge Bakken Pipeline Limited Partnership Oil Public
5 Enbridge Pipelines (NW) Inc. Oil Public
6 Enbridge Pipelines (Westspur) Inc. Oil Public
7 Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Oil Public
8 Enbridge Southern Lights GP Inc. on behalf of Enbridge Southern Lights LP Oil Public
9 Express Pipeline Ltd. Oil Public
10 Genesis Pipeline (Canada) Ltd. Oil Private
11 Glencoe Resources Ltd. Oil  
12 Husky Oil Operations Limited Oil Public
13 Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited Oil Public
14 ISH Energy Ltd. Oil Private
15 Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC Oil Public
16 Montreal Pipe Line Limited Oil Private
17 NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd. Oil Private
18 Pembina Energy Services Inc. Oil Public
19 Plains Midstream Canada ULC Oil Public
20 Pouce Coupé Pipe Line Ltd. Oil Public
21 Ruger Energy Inc. Oil Public
22 SCL Pipeline Inc. Oil Public
23 Spectra Energy Empress Management Inc. as General Partner and Agent for Spectra Energy Empress LP Oil Public
24 Strategic Transmission Ltd. Oil Public
24 Sunoco Logistics Partners Operations GP LLC on behalf of Sunoco Pipeline LP Oil Public
25 Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC Oil Public
26 TransCanada Keystone Pipeline GP Ltd. Oil Public
27 Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. Oil Private
28 Venturion Oil Limited Oil Private
29 Whitecap Resources Inc. (pipeline purchased from Imperial Oil Resources Limited) Oil Public
30 1057533 Alberta Ltd. Natural Gas Private
31 2193914 Canada Limited Natural Gas Public
32 6720471 Canada Ltd. (ATCO) Natural Gas Public
33 Alliance Pipeline Ltd. Natural Gas Public
34 AltaGas Holdings Inc. for and on behalf of AltaGas Pipeline Partnership Natural Gas Public
35 Apache Canada Ltd. Natural Gas Public
36 ARC Resources Ltd. Natural Gas Public
37 Bellatrix Exploration Ltd Natural Gas Public
38 Bonavista Energy Corporation Natural Gas Private
38 Bow River Energy Limited Natural Gas Private
40 Canada Border Services Agency Natural Gas Crown
41 Canadian Natural Resources Limited Natural Gas Public
42 Canadian-Montana Pipe Line Company Natural Gas Private
43 Centra Transmission Holdings Inc. Natural Gas Public
44 Champion Pipe Line Corporation Limited Natural Gas Public
45 Chief Mountain Gas Co-op Ltd. Natural Gas Public
46 ConocoPhillips Canada Operations Ltd. Natural Gas Public
47 County of Vermilion River No. 24 Gas Utility Natural Gas Crown
48 Crescent Point Energy Corp. Natural Gas Public
49 Delphi Energy Corporation Natural Gas Public
50 DR Four Beat Energy Corp. Natural Gas Private
51 Emera Brunswick Pipeline Company Ltd. Natural Gas Public
52 EnCana Corporation Natural Gas Public
53 Enerplus Corporation acting on behalf of the Enerplus Partnership Natural Gas Public
54 ExxonMobil Canada Properties Natural Gas Private
55 Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. Natural Gas Public
56 Fortis B.C. Huntingdon Inc. Natural Gas Public
57 Glenogle Energy Inc. (previous owner Bonavista Energy Corporation) Natural Gas Private
58 Husky Oil Operations Limited Natural Gas Public
59 Ikkuma Resources Corporation Natural Gas Public
60 Lone Pine Resources Canada Limited Natural Gas Private
61 Many Islands Pipe Lines (Canada) Limited Natural Gas Public
62 Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Management Ltd. Natural Gas Public
63 Mid-Continent Pipelines Limited Natural Gas Public
64 Minell Pipeline Limited Natural Gas Crown
65 Murphy Oil Company Ltd. Natural Gas Public
66 Niagara Gas Transmission Limited Natural Gas Public
67 Northern Blizzard Resources Inc. Natural Gas Public
68 NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. Natural Gas Public
69 NuVista Energy Ltd. Natural Gas Public
70 Omimex Canada, Ltd. Natural Gas Private
71 ONEOK Rockies Processing Company (Canada) Ltd. Natural Gas Public
72 Paramount Transmission Ltd. Natural Gas Public
73 Pengrowth Corporation Natural Gas Public
74 Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Natural Gas Public
75 Pine Cliff Border Pipelines Limited (formerly Spur Border Pipelines Limited) Natural Gas Public
76 Plains Midstream Canada ULC Natural Gas Public
77 Portal Municipal Gas Company Canada Inc. Natural Gas Crown
78 Seaview Energy Inc. Natural Gas Public
79 Shiha Energy Transmission Ltd. Natural Gas Private
80 Spectra Energy Midstream Canada Partner Corporation Natural Gas Public
81 Spyglass Resources Corp. Natural Gas Public
82 St. Clair Pipelines Management Inc. Natural Gas Public
83 Tamarack Acquisition Corp. (formerly Echoex Energy Ltd) Natural Gas Public
84 TAQA North Ltd. Natural Gas Public
85 Terra Energy Corp. Natural Gas Public
86 Trans Québec and Maritimes Pipeline Inc. Natural Gas Public
87 TransCanada PipeLines Limited Natural Gas Public
88 Union Gas Limited Natural Gas Public
89 Vector Pipeline Limited Partnership Natural Gas Public
90 Venturion Oil Limited Natural Gas Private
91 Veresen Energy Infrastructure Inc. Natural Gas Public
92 Westcoast Energy Inc., carrying on business as Spectra Energy Transmission Natural Gas Public
93 Yoho Resources Inc. Natural Gas Public
93 Algonquin Tinker Gen Co Electricity Public
93 BC Hydro and Power Authority Electricity Crown
94 Canada Border Services Agency Electricity Crown
95 Canadian Niagara Power Inc. Electricity Private
96 Canadian Sandpoint Power Association Electricity Private
97 Canadian Transit Company Electricity Private
98 Cedars Rapids Transmission Limited Electricity Crown
99 Detroit & Windsor Subway Company Electricity Not available
100 FortisAlberta Inc. Electricity Public
101 FortisBC Inc. Electricity Public
102 Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company Electricity Public
103 H2O Power G.P. Inc. /Commandité H2O Énergie Inc. on behalf of H2O Power Limited Partnership /Société en Commandite H2O Énergie Electricity Private
104 Hydro One Networks Inc. Electricity Crown
105 Hydro-Quebec TransÉnergie Electricity Crown
106 Lac La Croix Power Authority Electricity Not available
107 Manitoba Hydro Electricity Crown
108 Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. Electricity Public
109 Mr. William C. Heydlauff and Mr. Joe Saville Electricity Private
110 New Brunswick Power Transmission Corporation Electricity Crown
111 Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid Electricity Public
112 Ontario Power Generation Inc. Electricity Crown
113 Roseau Electric Cooperative Inc. Electricity Private
114 Saskatchewan Power Corporation Electricity Crown
115 Shawinigan Water & Power Company Electricity Crown
116 Southern Canada Power Electricity Crown
117 Teck Metals Ltd. Electricity Public
118 TransAlta Utilities Corporation Electricity Public
119 TransCanada Energy Ltd. Electricity Public
120 Twin Rivers Paper Company Inc. Electricity Private
121 West Kootenay Power Limited Electricity Public
122 Genesis Pipeline (Canada) Ltd. Brine Private
123 Souris Valley Pipeline Limited Carbon Dioxide Private
124 Domtar Inc. (formerly E.B. Eddy Company) Effluent/Steam Public
125 Genesis Pipeline (Canada) Ltd. Ethane Private
126 Vantage Pipeline (c/o Pembina Prairie Facilities Ltd.) Ethane Public
127 1057533 Alberta Ltd. Fresh Water Private
128 Whitecap Resources Inc. (pipeline purchased from Imperial Oil Resources Limited) Fresh Water Public
129 Plains Midstream Canada ULC Natural Gas Liquids Public
130 Shell Canada Limited (SCL) Pipeline Inc. Natural Gas Liquids Public
131 Spectra Energy Empress Management Inc. Natural Gas Liquids Public
132 TAQA North Ltd. Natural Gas Liquids Private
133 Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Oil Emulsion Public
134 Tundra Oil & Gas Limited for and on behalf of Tundra Oil & Gas Partnership Oil Well Effluent Private
135 Canadian Natural Resources Other Public
136 BlackPearl Resources Inc. Produced Water Public
137 Twin Rivers Paper Company Inc. Pulp mill effluent Private
138 Husky Oil Operations Limited Salt Water Public
139 Abitibi-Consolidated Company of Canada Water, Steam Public
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