Commission issues Order on safety standards

June 28, 2023

CSA Z662 is the main technical standard we use to ensure companies are safely designing, building and operating pipelines in Canada. We reference CSA Z662 and other important safety standards in our Onshore Pipeline Regulations. Later this month, CSA will release its latest version of Z662 (CSA Z662:23).

One of the changes in this edition of CSA Z662 is a new optional way companies can determine safety factors for pipelines, called the “safety class” method. Companies may choose to use the existing “class location” or the new “safety class” method. Both of these methods look at safety factors companies need to consider for pipeline projects like population density and environmental sensitivities.

We have issued an Order [Filing C25215] to our regulated companies requiring them to tell us if they plan to use the new safety class method. This will help us monitor and verify the new “safety class” method is being implemented safely and correctly.

We will continue to monitor that companies are following the rules of our Onshore Pipeline Regulations and have effective management systems in place to ensure pipelines are safe.

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