CER’s CIO and VP of Data and Information wins TECHNATION Ingenious Award

9 December 2022

Our very own Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Vice President of Data and Information, Ryan Hum, has won the TECHNATION Ingenious Award for Canadian Public Sector Disruptor. This award celebrates a Canadian Public Sector leader who has disrupted and/or significantly changed how government does business with the public and impacted prosperity through technology implementation.

“Using data science to mine the past, Ryan and our data science colleagues have put the Canada Energy Regulator at the forefront of innovation," says Tracy Sletto, Executive Vice President for our People, Innovation and Results team. "The CER team has developed tools and strategies that help Canadians access regulatory and energy information in way that builds trust and confidence in the public service work we do, while advancing a commitment to open science, data and Reconciliation. These projects are important because they help transform how people access and use this data every day."

Some projects Ryan has worked on include:

  • An open data tool, BERDI (Biophysical, Socio-Economic, and Regional Data and Information), that unlocks the wealth of data in environmental and socio-economic assessments (ESAs) submitted to the CER since 2003.
  • An updated Participation Portal that simplifies how people can participate in the energy infrastructure adjudication process;
  • A new Application Dashboard designed to facilitate the data and information availability for projects; and
  • A new internal system to automate approvals for crude oil and refined petroleum products import and export certificates – that improves regulatory efficiency for a regulatory process that once utilized over 14 IT systems per approval.

Ryan and his team are also working with Indigenous communities on ways to appropriately provide access to, and stewardship of, CER's historical records that contain oral Indigenous and traditional knowledge.

Congratulations Ryan and the whole data science team! You have changed how we work and made our data and information more accessible. You truly are a public sector disruptor in the best way possible!

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