Gazoduq Project – Public Comments Invited

January 30, 2020

On January 22, 2020, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) decided an impact assessment is required for the proposed Gazoduq Project, a natural gas pipeline approximately 780 kilometers long, located between northeastern Ontario and Saguenay, Quebec.

As part of the planning phase of the impact assessment, the Agency invites the public and Indigenous Peoples to review and provide feedback on the draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines (Guidelines) and the draft Public Participation Plan.

Comments will be accepted until March 10, 2020, and can be submitted online by visiting the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry. All comments received will be published online as part of the project file.

The draft Guidelines outline the project-specific factors that will be considered in the assessment and provide direction to Gazoduq Inc., on the information and studies required in its Impact Statement. The draft Public Participation Plan explains how the public will be engaged throughout the review process.

Community meetings will be held during this consultation period with both the Agency and Canada Energy Regulator (CER) available to provide information and answer questions.

As next steps, the Agency will consider all input received and finalize the Public Participation Plan and the Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines. Both documents will be posted to the Agency’s Registry. The Agency will also post the Notice of Commencement for the project and start the impact statement phase. This project will benefit from several other opportunities for the public and Indigenous Peoples to participate throughout the impact assessment process.

The proposed project is a designated project under the Agency’s Physical Activities Regulations and would be regulated by the CER. The integrated impact assessment for this project is a single assessment through a review panel process that would meet the requirements of both the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act.

For more information on the project, the review process and alternative means of submitting comments, visit the Agency’s website.

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