Reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases at CER regulated worksites

Reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases at CER regulated worksites [PDF 110  KB]

File No: OF-Gen 0101
10 September 2020

To: All Companies under the Jurisdiction of the Canada Energy Regulator

Reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases at CER regulated worksites

The CER is continuing to adapt its regulatory oversight work to the situation presented by
the COVID-19 pandemic. The CER acknowledges and supports the mandates of health authorities and public health agencies, which remain the definitive sources for COVID-19 information and exercise their own authorities related to COVID-19 prevention, management, and response.

As part of its regulatory oversight, the CER considers COVID-19 a hazard that companies must properly identify and manage under the CER’s regulatory framework. Accordingly, the CER is requesting that companies notify it of confirmed COVID-19 cases. This will inform the CER about how companies are managing and mitigating the potential spread of COVID-19, and assessing the risk for CER inspection staff, and those accompanying them, ahead of and following any field inspections.

The requested information covers confirmed COVID-19 cases at CER-regulated operating facilities, control centers, construction worksites, camps, operations and maintenance activities or any other field related activities, and should include:

  • Date when case was first reported to the regulated company.
  • Date when case was confirmed.
  • Work context of the diagnosed individual (e.g. construction project, maintenance project, general field operations, camp, control room, etc.).
  • Nearest populated center (e.g., town, city, village) to the worksite.
  • Company Contact information for the CER to follow-up with for more information.

Please note that this is not an incident notification and no personal information such as names or identifying information of diagnosed individuals should be included.

The requested information should be provided to the CER via email to within 48 hours of the company being made aware of the case. CER staff will follow up on reports as needed.

The requested notification to the CER does not replace any other COVID-19 notification requirements imposed by local, provincial, or other federal authorities or legislation (e.g. Canada Labour Code).

The CER is dedicated to the safety and well-being of its staff, Indigenous communities, the public, companies we regulate and protecting the environment. For more information on how the CER is continuing its regulatory oversight during the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the following link: Keeping energy moving safely during a pandemic.

Yours Sincerely,

Original signed by

Chris Loewen
Vice President, Field Operations

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