NEB issues Safety Advisory and Miscellaneous Order on Hyundai API 5L Electric Resistance Weld Pipe

July 3, 2019

In the interest of safety of NEB-regulated pipeline systems, and continual improvements across industry and the supply chain, the NEB has issued a Safety Advisory and Miscellaneous Order [Filing C00252] regarding Hyundai API 5L Electric Resistance Weld (Hyundai API 5L ERW) pipe manufactured in Ulsan, South Korea. Issues of lack of fusion and low toughness properties at the longitudinal seam of some Hyundai API 5L ERW pipe that were below the required specifications were identified that resulted in failure during hydrostatic testing. This safety advisory is being issued to ensure that regulated companies, provincial and international regulators, and industry are aware of this issue.

The low weld toughness issue is not considered to pose an immediate safety concern. Hyundai has advised the NEB that it is working on and has implemented a number of corrective actions to resolve the identified issue. The NEB however continues to take a proactive approach to improving the quality assurance of pipeline materials and positively advancing safety outcomes. NEB-regulated companies are therefore required to notify the NEB if they have procured Hyundai API 5L ERW pipe. If so, companies must provide additional information to the NEB that demonstrates that the necessary steps, as outlined in the Miscellaneous Order, are being taken to ensure continued fitness for service of this pipe.

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