NEB approves NGTL’s West Path Delivery project

April 11, 2019

The NEB has determined that it is in the public interest to approve NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.’s (NGTL) West Path Delivery project (Project) to construct and operate a 21.5 kilometer natural gas pipeline, two compressor station unit additions, and related facilities. 

The new line will begin just north of the Town of Cochrane, AB, and end 16 kilometers west of Calgary, AB; connecting two of NGTL’s existing valve sites. 

The Board has included 22 conditions in the XG-N081-005-2019 [Document 3767838] Order and 6 conditions in the MO-006-2019 [Document 3767562] Order that it has issued to NGTL in respect of the Project. These conditions are in place to mitigate potential risks and effects of the Project so that it is designed, constructed, operated and abandoned in a safe manner that protects people and the environment.

The Letter Decision [Folder A98761], issued April 11, 2019, outlines the Board’s adjudication process for this application and the Board’s reasons for approval of the Project. To learn more about NGTL’s West Path Delivery project, visit the Project Page.

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