Pipeline Safety: Wildfires


WILDFIRES are a natural part of the forest ecosystem.

Fires help clear away old and diseased trees and encourage new ones to grow in their place.

But what happens when fires get close to pipelines?

Most run underground.

The earth above acts like insulation reducing the risk from fires.

They are also designed so they can be shut down quickly in sections if a fire gets close.

On top of that, the companies we oversee must have a plan for any potential hazard including forest fires.

These often include plans for high-risk areas and prevent activities like:

  • Covering the ground above the pipeline with material like gravel that doesn’t burn
  • Making sure big plants and trees don’t grow too near the pipeline
  • 24/7 monitoring of pipeline operations
  • and aerial patrols

Companies must practice how they would respond in an actual emergency.

We take part in these exercises.

So do other parts of the government and Indigenous communities.

That way everyone knows how they will work together during a wildfire.

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