Offshore Physical Environmental Guidelines
Appendix G – Equipment List


This is not intended to be an approved list of equipment. It is provided to give the Operator information regarding the types of instruments which have been used in the offshore in the past. It is incumbent upon the Operator to ensure that all proposed instrumentation is appropriate for use in the area of operation, that it meets the functional specifications as described in Appendix B, and to document its capabilities in the Program Description prior to use. Operators are encouraged to evaluate new technologies as they become available.

Note i: g.f. = "grandfathered" equipment. Although the equipment may be used as part of an existing system, it may not be added as part of a new system.

Note ii: Temperature and pressure instruments require calibration certificates and correction cards issued by an acceptable laboratory.

Note iii: Wave radar systems must be calibrated to ensure proper functioning. Systems that are new to Canada or that are proposed for substantially different locations than previous usage, may need to be verified against an alternate wave measurement system.


Cloud Height

[1] MSC Ceiling Projector 16 with alidade (500 ft or 1000 ft baseline)
[2] Vaisala CT25K with acceptable display
[3] Vaisala CT12K with acceptable display
[4] MSC Ceiling Balloons with balloon filling equipment (using helium or hydrogen)


[1] Vaisala FD12P Visibility/Weather Sensor, Vaisala
[2] Visibility Chart Form 0063-9046 that has been completed and approved by qualified meteorological inspector.
[3] Suitable map that has been approved by qualified meteorological inspector

Occurrence of Weather Phenomena

[1] Ice Accretion Indicators

Atmospheric Pressure

[1] Ruska 6220 (with desiccant cartridge if used for inspection)
[2] Druck DPI140
[3] Paroscientific Digiquartz 760-16B (station and inspection)
[4] Paroscientific Digiquartz 6016B
[5] Solartron DPM 7885 (with desiccant cartridge)
[6] Vaisala PTB220A (3 transducers, Class A calibration)
[7] MSC Type Barograph (and recording charts)


Note: Temperature and Dew Point values obtained from thermometers shall be located in a ventilated Stevenson Screen type shelter. Specifications for thermometers require that the scale error at any point in the range does not exceed 0.2oC. Additionally, readings from thermometers paired for a psychrometer should read within 0.2oC of each other under like conditions.


[1] RTD-87 MSC Remote-Temperature Dew-Point System (1987) with display
[2] Vaisala HMP 45A with 2212 HM solar radiation shield, Vaisala
[3] Vaisala HMP 45D with 2212 HM solar radiation shield, Vaisala
[4] Yellow Springs Instruments Model 44212 Thermistor (must have conditioning electronics)
[5] MSC Ordinary Mercury Thermometer with correction card
[6] MSC Sling Psychrometer
[7] MSC Minimum Thermometer

Temperature (Estimated T-12 as per MANOBS)

[1] Thermograph or Lambrecht Thermohygrograph


[1] RTD-87 MSC Remote Temperature Dew-Point System (1987) with Display
[2] Vaisala HMP 45A with 2212 HM solar radiation shield, Vaisala
[3] Vaisala HMP 45D with 2212 HM solar radiation shield, Vaisala
[4] MSC Ordinary or Ordinary for Sling Mercury Thermometer with correction card
[5] MSC Type A-E Dewcel
[6] MSC Sling Psychrometer

Wind Direction and Speed

Measured Wind Direction and Speed

[1] MSC Type U2A Anemometer, 110 or 32 Volt system with approved chart recorder or indicator
[2] MSC Type 78D Anemometer with approved recorder or indicator
[3] Vaisala WAA251 Heated Anemometer, Vaisala
[4] Vaisala WAV151 Heated Wind Vane, Vaisala
[5] Obsermet OMC-150 Anemometer, Obsermet AS

Estimated Wind Direction and Speed

[1] Beaufort Wind Scale
[2] TurboMeter hand held, Davis Instruments
[3] AMES RVM 96B Hand Held Anemometer, AMES
[4] g.f. Anemometer, Lambrecht, hand held, 0-60 knots


Sea State

[1] Datawell Standard Waverider, Datawell
[2] Datawell Directional Waverider, Datawell
[3] MIROS Wave Radar, SM-050, MIROS A/S
[4] Triaxys Directional Wave Buoy, AXYS Environmental Systems
[5] Oceanor Seawatch Buoy, Oceanor ASA
[6] Oceanor Wavescan Buoy, Oceanor ASA
[7] WaMoS II Wave Radar, Sea-Image Communications Ltd

Sea Surface Temperature

[1] Triaxys Directional Wave Buoy (with electronic SST thermometer), AXYS Environmental Systems
[2] MSC sea water bucket and sea surface thermometer

Ocean Currents and/or Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (CTD)

[1] MIROS Wave Radar SM-050, MIROS A/S (surface currents)
[2] RDI Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, RD Instruments
[3] Aanderaa Doppler Current Meter, DCM 12, Aanderaa
[4] Aanderaa Recording Current Meter, RCM 8/9, Aanderaa
[5] InterOcean S4/S4A/S4P/S4D Current Meter, InterOcean
[6] Aanderaa Conductivity / Temperature Profile Recorder CTR 7, Aanderaa
[7] Sea-Bird 911/911plus CTD, Sea-bird Electronics
[8] Sea-Bird SBE 25 Sealogger CTD, Sea-bird Electronics
[9] RDI WorkHorse Long-Ranger ADCP (75 kHz), RD Instruments
[10] RDI Narrow-Band Self-Contained ADCP (150 kHz), RD Instruments
[11] Aanderaa Acoustic Current Meter, RCM11
[12] Falmouth Scientific FSI ACM
[13] Seabird MicroCAT SBE 37-SM
[14] Sippican Inc XCTD
[15] Sippican Inc XBT-10

Water Level

[1] Aanderaa Water Level Recorder, WLR 7/8, Aanderaa


Iceberg Draft

Imagenex 855-000-110 Color Imaging (Sector Scan) Sonar, Imagenex

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