Canada Energy Regulator’s Policy on Providing Guidance on Regulatory Requirements

This policy outlines the Canada Energy Regulator’s approach to helping regulated parties understand their regulatory obligations.

Canada Energy Regulator context

 The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) works to keep energy moving safely across the country.  We review energy development projects and share energy information, all while enforcing some of the strictest safety and environmental standards in the world.

The CER is committed to providing clear and up-to-date information to help stakeholders understand their regulatory obligations. This policy describes the CER’s commitments in the areas of predictability, service, and stakeholder engagement.

Building an awareness of regulatory requirements

The CER clarifies its expectations and provides guidance on how to meet regulatory requirements in documents such as the Filing Manual, regulatory guidance, policies, protocols, and FAQs.

Responding to enquiries

The CER responds to stakeholder questions about regulatory requirements in a timely, accurate, and clear manner. In general, responses are offered in the form that inquiries are made, whether verbally or in writing.  The CER is committed to providing Canadians with clear information, written in plain language whenever possible.

The CER has developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for their most accessed regulations and is committed to the publication of FAQs for all new or amended regulations that have business impacts. Common/frequent inquiries may be responded to through FAQs.

The CER does not provide legal advice about how specific regulations may apply to particular circumstances.

The CER will endeavor to acknowledge receipt of all written requests for guidance within 2 business days.

Commitment to professional service

The CER is committed to delivering professional and courteousFootnote  responses to stakeholder enquiries about how to meet their regulatory requirements.

If stakeholders are not satisfied with the guidance they have received from CER staff on how to meet their regulatory obligations, they should begin by contacting the staff member to see if it is possible for them to clarify or amplify the guidance. If unresolved, stakeholders may contact the staff member’s supervisor.

The CER commits to ensuring that staff responding to enquiries have the necessary skills and technical knowledge to provide quality service and accurate information on regulatory requirements.

Stakeholder engagement

The CER is committed to meaningful engagement with stakeholders throughout the development and implementation of its regulations and regulatory documents.

Consultation with the public, regulated companies and other stakeholders is an integral component of developing the CER’s regulatory framework. The CER holds public consultations to seek input on its new or updated regulatory documents. Meetings and workshops may also be organized to engage stakeholders and solicit feedback on the development of regulations and guidance. In cases where the CER proposes to exercise its authority in a new area or in a new way, discussion papers are often used to encourage stakeholder engagement early in the process. Additionally, the CER regularly participates in outreach sessions, workshops, conferences and meetings which provide opportunities to clarify requirements for regulated companies and to respond to issues.

Stakeholders are notified of consultation opportunities through the CER’s email distribution list, CER website, CER Twitter account, and publications in the Canada Gazette.

In an effort to continually hear from our stakeholders, the CER will continue to seek feedback. Please provide any comments you may have to, noting in the subject line that this is related to the “Policy on Providing Guidance on Regulatory Requirements”.

Date of last revision of this policy

August 19, 2020

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