Abandonment Cost Estimates (ACE) and Set Aside and Collection Mechanism (SAM-COM) Review 2021 – Participation


The Commission of the CER accepted registrations to participate from Indigenous peoples, landowners, CER-regulated companies and other interested parties at the start of the Review. The List of Participants is here: List of Participants [Folder 4198329]. In Procedural Direction No. 9, the Commission offered another opportunity for impacted parties to apply to participate in the Review, this time in Part 2.


Grants were made available to participate in Part 1 of the Review, and additional grants are available for participants in Part 2. To qualify for funding, applicants must:

  • be an eligible recipient – For more information, see Procedural Direction No. 9 [Filing C25250]
  • apply for funding – see form and instructions;
  • be confirmed by the Commission as a Participant and included on the List of Participants for the Review [Document C17520-3]; and
  • agree to participate in one or more Request processes (as a Request filer or Respondent) and/or provide comments on SAM-COM filings.
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