Canada’s Pipeline Transportation System 2016

Pembina Prairie Facilities Ltd.’s Vantage Pipeline

Table 9.9.1: Pembina Prairie Facilities Ltd.’s Vantage Pipeline
Commodity and NEB Group Ethane
(Group 2)
Average annual capacity 6 400 m³/d
(40 Mb/d)
Average utilization 2015 50%
Primary receipt points Tioga, ND; Viewfield, SK
Primary delivery points Empress, AB
Abandonment Cost Estimate and Collection Period $4.8 million;
Not applicableNote a


The Vantage Pipeline (Vantage) is a high vapour pressure pipeline that transports ethane from Tioga, ND and Saskatchewan to Empress, AB. At Empress it connects with the Alberta Ethane Gathering System for final delivery to the petrochemical plants in Joffre and Ft. Saskatchewan, AB.

Map – Vantage Pipeline

Source: NEB

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This map provides an overview of the Vantage Pipeline System from Viewfield, Saskatchewan and Tioga, North Dakota to just south of Empress on the Alberta-Saskatchewan boundary.

Key Developments

Vantage began operations in June 2014.

In October 2014, Pembina Prairie Facilities Ltd. (PPF) entered into an amalgamation agreement with Vantage Pipeline Canada ULC and Mistral Midstream Inc., which effectively transferred ownership of the pipeline from Vantage to PPF.

In late August 2015, the Saskatchewan Ethane Extraction Plant (SEEP) near Viewfield, SK was commissioned, adding 800 m³/d (5 Mb/d) of ethane supply to Vantage.

In July 2015, PPF applied to the Board for modifications at three pump stations. The Board approved this application in November 2015. As of June 2016, these facilities had not been put into service.

In March 2016, PPF applied to the Board to expand Vantage capacity to 10 800 m³/d (68 Mb/d) by adding pumping capacity at two stations (Empress and Assiniboia). The project would allow the pipeline to transport additional ethane volumes from North Dakota to Alberta. If it receives regulatory approval, the company is targeting to have it in service in Q3 2016.


Figure 9.9.1 shows Vantage throughput for 2014-2015. Throughput averaged 2 200 m³/d (14 Mb/d) in 2014 and 3 200 m³/d (20 Mb/d) in 2015.

Figure 9.9.1: Vantage Throughput vs. Capacity

Figure 9.9.1: Vantage Throughput vs. Capacity

Sources: AER (ST3), NEB

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This bar chart shows throughput and capacity for the Vantage Pipeline between 2014 and 2015. Capacity in 2015 was 6.4 10³m³/d (40 Mb/d). Throughput averaged 3.2 10³m³/d (20 Mb/d) in 2015, compared to 2.2 10³m³/d (14 Mb/d) in June - December 2014.


NOVA Chemicals Corporation (NCC) is the sole committed shipper on Vantage. NCC’s committed tolls are governed by agreements with PPF, and have been filed confidentially with the Board. Effective October 2015, the toll for uncommitted service from Tioga, ND is US$0.1402 per gallon and the toll for uncommitted service from SEEP is US$0.1113 per gallon. However, no shippers have utilized uncommitted service on the pipeline. Tolls are regulated on a complaint basis.


PPF acquired the Vantage Pipeline and Mistral Midstream Inc.'s interest in SEEP for a total consideration of $614 million.

Table 9.9.2: Pembina Prairie Facilities Ltd – Yearly
Pembina Prairie Facilities Ltd 2014Note a 2015
Total Assets (millions) $669.5 $683.2
Revenues (millions) $4.9 $34.5
Net Income (millions) $1.8 $7.2
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