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Release date: 2020-09-02

Today, the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) reaches a milestone with the release of our 300th Market Snapshot. These weekly publications are a cornerstone of the energy information we provide to Canadians. Energy Information, alongside Energy Adjudication, Safety and Environment Oversight, and Engagement, is 1 of the CER’s 4 core responsibilities.

In its weekly Snapshots, the CER’s market and supply analysts explore topical energy trends relevant to Canadians. Since October 2014, Snapshots have been growing in popularity, with web traffic increasing at an average annualized rate of 4% every year. Some snapshots are vastly more viewed than others. Here are the top 10 most popular Market Snapshots of all time and their respective page views:

Table 1: Top 10 Market Snapshots
Title Publish Date Page views
Canadian Crude Oil Imports Decline 13 November 2014 22 537
Canadian crude oil imports from the U.S. decline in 2016, overseas imports increase 21 February 2017 12 338
Imports of crude oil continue to decrease in 2018 20 March 2019 8 809
Which cities have the highest solar potential in Canada? 20 June 2018 8 613
What is Pipeline Apportionment? 15 August 2018 5 663
Pumped-storage hydro – the largest form of energy storage in Canada and a growing contributor to grid reliability 19 October 2016 5 280
The Duvernay Shale in Alberta has significant potential for oil and natural gas 26 September 2017 5 187
Canadian carbon capture and storage projects will soon sequester up to 6.4 million tonnes of CO2 per year 7 September 2016 5 011
Where does Canada store natural gas? 23 May 2018 4 866
Where does Canada’s crude oil and natural gas go? 10 November 2016 4 787

As a provider of independent, fact-based analysis, the CER also tries to cover unique topics of interest that may not appear in other energy information sources and topics that may be of recent interest, such as the effects of COVID-19 on Canada’s energy markets. Check out the dashboard below to browse through the commodities and topics we have covered in the last 300 Snapshots:

Figure 1. Word cloud of topics and commodity categories in CER Market Snapshots

Source and Description

Source: CER

Description: The dashboard shows a word cloud of Market Snapshot topics and commodity categories. Of the past 299 snapshots, 181 fall into the hydrocarbon category, covering topics such as crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and refined petroleum products. 46 fall into the hydrocarbon and electricity/renewable category, covering topics at the intersection of fossil fuels and renewable energy. 71 fall into the renewable energy category, covering topics such as wind, solar, and biomass energy sources.

Did you know we take requests? Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have an interesting topic you’d like featured in an upcoming Snapshot.

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