Canada Energy Regulator by Numbers

Canada Energy Regulator by Numbers [PDF 140 KB]

1 Federal Regulator

Of Canadian pipelines and power lines that cross provincial, territorial and international borders

Our employees:

60 years of experience

holding companies to some of the strictest safety and environmental standards in the world

0 the amount of spills or incidents

we expect our regulated companies to have

We regulate:

126 companies

73,000 kilometers of pipelines

1400 kilometers of electrical power lines

500 highly qualified employees

who are scientists, engineers, auditors, inspectors, socio-economic specialists and more

7  provinces and territories

Our employees work all over Canada from BC to the Northwest Territories to Newfoundland

100 one of Canada's Top 100

employers year after year

Last year we:

Oversaw pipelines that moved more than

572 million litres of crude oil in 2018

to fuel your life


7 focused audits

of companies with federally regulated energy infrastructure


1.2 M views

of energy information


145 inspections focused

on protecting people and the environment

Participated in

20 exercises and drills

focused on emergency management


59 reports

on energy information

In 2018–2019:

  • We received 745 applications for projects and energy exports and imports
  • We made 748 decisions or recommendations
  • We awarded more than $8.5 million so people could take part in our hearings
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