Open Government

Open Government

The Government of Canada is committed to open government. Open government focuses on transparency, accountability, and citizen participation. The information and data that governments provide are published in a way that makes it accessible to and usable by everyone.

What you need to know


The Government of Canada has implemented a series of measures to strengthen public sector management by enhancing transparency and oversight of public resources in the federal government.

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What we are doing

Open Data

Search Government of Canada data, learn how to work with datasets, see what people have done with our data.

Open Information

Search Government of Canada digital records, completed access to information request summaries, and contracts over $10,000

Proactive disclosure

Browse the proactive disclosure of financial and human resources-related information by federal departments and agencies.

Access to information

Browse completed Access to Information summaries, make an ATIP request, and learn more about Access to Information in Canada

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