Student Hiring

Student HiringThe CER values the potential students bring to an organization and supports the integration of students in the workplace. In response to an increasingly more competitive workforce, the CER is aggressively hiring students to increase the potential for qualified students to choose long term employment with the CER after graduation. The CER participates in career fairs on university campuses, participates in government student hiring programs and ensures that students have a meaningful work experience. We will support our students with a rigorous development program to ensure that they get up the learning curve quickly.

Student: A person currently recognized as having full-time status by the academic institution, and/or be registered as a full time student at an accredited secondary or post-secondary educational institution. The student must be returning to full-time study the next scheduled academic term or otherwise be in the final work term assignment to complete academic program requirements.

Student Positions

Business unit vice presidents are encouraged to hire students depending on operational requirements. The CER hires students through two channels: CO-OP/internship programs affiliated with an academic institution, and through

CO-OP/Internship Programs

The Canada Energy Regulator (CER) employs students from CO-OP and Internship Programs from several universities/colleges in various disciplines across the country. Interested students must be registered in a CO-OP/Internship Program with their academic institution prior to applying for work-terms with the CER.

The CER regularly post positions at a variety of Canadian universities/colleges throughout the school year.

Student Applications

Apply online by sending your resume to: While non-Canadians may apply, preference is given to Canadian citizens. A Canadian citizen is a person who was born in Canada or who has applied through Citizenship and Immigration Canada and has received a citizenship certificate.

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