Publications and Reports


Publications and reports available for review and use.

Submissions to Standing Committee
Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations – What you need to know
Living and Working Near Pipelines – brochure
Participating in a CER Hearing – brochure
The CER, Energy Projects, and Indigenous Peoples – brochure
The CER, Energy Projects and You – brochure
Access to Information Act (reports pursuant to)
Administrative Monetary Penalties: Information for Landowners
Administrative Monetary Penalties Process Guide
Annual Reports
Assessment of Discovered Conventional Petroleum Resources in the Northwest Territories and Beaufort Sea
Auditor's Reports and NEB Financial Statements
Canada’s Energy Future – Energy Supply and Demand Projections – An Energy Market Assessment
Canadian Energy Overview – Energy Briefing Note
Completed Access to Information Requests
Canadian Pipeline Transportation System – Energy Market Assessment
Departmental Results Reports
Employment Equity Reports
Electricity Filing Manual
Electricity Trade Summary
Fees Reports
Canadian Energy Dynamics – Energy Market Assessment
Pipeline Damage Prevention – Ground Disturbance, Construction and Vehicle Crossings
Filing Manual
Financial Regulatory Audit Reports
Hearing Process Handbook
Short-term Canadian Natural Gas Deliverability – Energy Market Assessment
Land Matters Guide
NEB Performance Summary
Participant Funding Program Guide
Privacy Act (reports pursuant to)
Pipeline Services Survey Results
Privacy Impact Assessment Summaries
Protecting Canada – Protecting You
Quarterly Financial Reports
Remediation Process Guide
Report on Best Available Technology
Departmental Plans
Responding to Emergencies
Studying and Sampling Well Materials from Frontier Wells
Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta – Energy Briefing Note
Propane Market Review – Final Report to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Industry
Filing Requirements for Onshore Drilling Operations Involving Hydraulic Fracturing
Review of Offshore Drilling in the Canadian Arctic
Filing Requirements for Offshore Drilling in the Canadian Arctic

ARCHIVED – Publications and Reports

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