Open House Summary – 24 January 2011

Arctic Offshore Drilling Review

Open House Summary

Date and Location
Date Location
24 January 2011
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Kitti Hall
Tuktoyaktuk, NT

Purpose: Introduce the Arctic Offshore Drilling Review to the residents of Tuktoyaktuk

residents of Tuktoyaktuk  
Billy Storr Inuvialuit Game Council
Doug Esogak Inuvaluit Game Council
Steve Baryluk Joint Secretariat
Gaétan Caron Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NEB
David Hamilton Member, NEB
Brian Chambers Northern Advisor, NEB
Bharat Dixit Technical Leader, Conservation of Resources, NEB
Pamela Romanchuk Environmental Specialist, NEB
Susan Gudgeon Northern Coordinator, Arctic Offshore Drilling Review, NEB
Introductory Remarks (NEB):
  • An overview of the Arctic Offshore Drilling Review was provided, including the mandate of the NEB, a description of the Review and the events leading up to the Review.
  • The question was posed asking "what are your concerns if there are offshore activities?"

Dialogue with residents of Tuktoyaktuk:

In response to the question put forward to the residents of Tuktoyaktuk, a number of areas of interest and concern were raised, including:

  1. Emergency Response and Preparedness:

    • There are more rigs in the Gulf than in the Beaufort if a second rig is needed
    • Just before the Gulf incident, Imperial said blow out preventers don't fail but it did
    • Is the fact that response capacity is limited an issue or factor?

  2. General:

    • Glad NEB is here talking
    • Know there was a lot of scarring of the ocean floor – is this still happening?
    • If it takes 200 days to drill, is there some point drilling stops to allow for a same season relief well?
    • In the past have there been any close calls or blowouts offshore?
    • Is this the only time for consultation?
    • After all 3 phases of the Review, then what?
    • Will the Report be in plain language so people can understand it?
    • Will applications have to be in plain language?
    • Are there any glaring matters that might impact companies applying?
    • Is the company (Valdez) still able to operate?
    • Is the drill ship built yet?
    • Will there be safety training done on the ships?
    • First aid and CPR training is needed

  3. Inspections and Monitors:

    • Need continuous monitoring – rangers are out looking at thing

  4. Unique Arctic Environment:

    • There isn't enough infrastructure here – no fuel for choppers and can't afford to take the fuel we have for heating homes; health centre can't accommodate lots of people
    • Can an MOV be used in the environment?
    • Temperature is so different from anywhere else – how can companies be prepared?
    • Boats have to be really tough because of the cold and ice
    • Safety of the workers in this environment is important
  5. Value of Ressources:

    • It is important to look after the land
    • People are scared – beluga, seal, fish, caribou all need the water and if anything happened the food is gone

Concluding Remarks and Follow-up Matters:

  • Look forward to future meetings with the NEB
  • NEB encourages residents of Tuktoyaktuk to participate in Phase 2 of the Review
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