Major Projects Management Office (MPMO)

Mary-Jane Sam and Patrick Sprague

The Major Projects Management Office (MPMO) is a Government of Canada organization whose role is to provide overarching project management and accountability for major resource projects in the federal regulatory review process, and to make improvements to the regulatory system for major resource projects.

The MPMO maintains an online project tracking system that allows the regulatory review process to be tracked in an open and transparent manner.

The MPMO's public tracking of project milestones and its dispute resolution mechanism are tools that bring accountability, transparency and efficiency to the regulatory process.

Further information on the MPMO can be found on the Major Projects Management Office (MPMO).

NEB Regulated Projects

The MPMO process applies to all section 52 (pipeline) and may apply to certain section 58.16 (power line) NEB Act applications for the construction of new facilities.

Project proponents are therefore encouraged to contact the MPMO during the planning of their project to alert the MPMO to their potential project. In addition, a Pre-Application Project Descriptions should also be submitted to the MPMO, as well as to the NEB, some months in advance of an NEB Application.

Proponents with a potential project are encouraged to continue to contact the NEB to request a pre-application meeting, at which time NEB staff can provide more information.

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