Energy Commodity Indicators


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Explore Canada’s energy landscape using the NEB’s newly developed dashboards: Energy Commodity Indicators. The dashboards offer an interactive, graphical overview of the most commonly referenced energy datasets related to crude oil, natural gas, electricity, and Canada’s energy transition. The Indicators include key metrics associated with energy supply and demand in Canada, as well as prices, imports and exports, and future projections. The indicators were developed in collaboration with Statistics Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada. Additional indicators and topics will be included in the future.

Energy Commodity Indicators – Electricity
Energy Commodity Indicators – Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products
Energy Commodity Indicators – Natural Gas
Energy Commodity Indicators – Energy Transitions

Several Canadian government agencies collect and produce data related to energy matters, including Statistics Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, the National Energy Board and various provincial agencies. Occasionally, more than one data source is available for a particular Indicator. Where multiple sources are available, priority was given to administrative provincial data and timeliness. As a strategy is developed to address data duplication and/or gaps in energy information data, the Indicators may be modified to reflect these developments.

Downloadable source datasets are available from links at the bottom of each page. The dashboards are updated weekly with any new available information.

Additional energy information, including historical datasets and reports, can be searched on the Canadian Energy Information Inventory and the Canadian Energy Information Portal.

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