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The Regulatory Framework Plan (the Plan) is a tool produced by the CER that supports planning and communication. The Plan describes which regulations, guidance material and other regulatory documents we intend to amend or develop over a three-year period and sets out expected timelines for each.

The Plan is updated every year through a review process that is informed by:

  • strategic priorities that focus how we do our work and prioritize change;
  • evaluation of performance data from across the CER’s regulatory programs;
  • input from stakeholders and Indigenous peoples provided during the CER’s engagement activities and participation in regulatory proceedings; and
  • learnings from other jurisdictions and regulators within Canada and abroad.

Only those initiatives that are established with formal project plans and clear deliverables for the CER’s Regulatory Framework are included in the Plan year to year. We anticipate additional projects will be added in future years, as we advance our work to:

  • build the trust and confidence of Canadians;
  • transform the way we work with Indigenous peoples;
  • enhance Canada’s global competitiveness; and
  • create a data and digital innovation culture and systems within the CER.

View the Regulatory Framework Plan: 2022 to 2025.

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