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Detailed Route Hearing


When a major pipeline project is approved, one of the things companies have to do before starting construction is to get formal approval from the NEB of the exact location where the pipeline will be built. 

This is called, the detailed route.

The Detailed Route process starts when the company files its plan, profile, and book of reference.

The plan and profile consist of a detailed drawing showing the proposed location of the pipeline within the previously approved corridor.

The book of reference lists the names of all owners and occupants.

Landowners affected by the proposed route will receive a notice from the company with a description of the specific route information.

Companies also notify Indigenous Peoples whose traditional territory is affected by the detailed route.

Once notified, they have 30 days to submit a written statement of opposition of the route to the NEB if they have concerns whether:

  • The proposed route is the best possible one, and;
  • That the method and timing of construction is appropriate

The NEB also requires the company to publish notices in newspapers along the proposed route.

Anyone else with a direct interest in lands that may be impacted by the pipeline route can also file a statement of opposition within 30 days.

The NEB will then order a detailed route hearing for valid written statements of opposition.

After the detailed route hearing, the NEB will decide whether to approve the proposed route.

If the route or sections of it is not approved, the company will need to propose a new route for those sections and repeat the process.

The NEB’s Alternative Dispute Resolution service is also available throughout the process to help facilitate agreements between landowners, users of lands, and the company.

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