Integrated Impact Assessments


The Canadian Energy Regulator Act, which came into effect on August 28, 2019, introduced a number of changes to federal processes for project review and decisions.

Under the Impact Assessment Act, an impact assessment may be required for designated projects. Four types of projects under the Canada Energy Regulator’s (CER) jurisdiction are considered designated projects:

  • new international or interprovincial oil or gas pipelines, other than an offshore pipeline, with a length of 75 km or more in new right of way;
  • new international or offshore electrical transmission lines with a voltage of 345 kV or more that requires a total of 75 km or more of new right of way;
  • new interprovincial electrical transmission line that the Governor in Council, by order, has designated under section 261 of the Canadian Energy Regulator Act; and
  • new offshore renewable energy projects with 10 or more turbines.

Designated projects that would be regulated by the CER under the CER Act are subject to an integrated impact assessment led by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) with the support of the CER. The integrated impact assessment for these projects is a single assessment through a review panel process that would meet the requirements of both the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act.

Please contact the IAAC directly for additional information relating to impact assessments.

Current Integrated Impact Assessments

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