CER oversight of recent incidents

We work hard to prevent any incident from happening. Whether it’s through an inspection, education about safety culture, or a technical review of an application, our job is to check that companies have everything they need in place to keep everyone safe. If an incident still occurs, our priority is to ensure that a company’s response protects people and the environment.

If needed, we may:

Understanding what happened

After an incident, we need to find out what caused it. We also need to understand and act upon what we find out. Our goal is to make sure that we avoid a repeat of any incident. So, this is an important step for us, and one that we take very seriously.

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) may also choose to investigate the causes of an incident affecting infrastructure we regulate. In these circumstances, the TSB becomes the lead federal agency investigating the cause and contributing factors. Our inspectors and technical staff work closely with the TSB during their investigation. However, the analysis and regulatory oversight we do during a TSB investigation is our own and is focused on preventing the incident from happening again.

Recent incidents

Below are incidents that have been immediately reported to us over the last few years, where the CER has actively responded and provided public updates on our actions.

We’ve gathered them to help you get a clear picture of what we are doing to ensure public safety and protect the environment. Details on all incidents reported to us, and our actions, can be found in our safety performance dashboard or in our reports on compliance and enforcement.



What happened



CER actions

TSB investigation
(if applicable)

2020-12-15 Injury at Trans Mountain worksite Burnaby, B.C. Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC

News – Message from the CEO – injury at Trans Mountain work site


News – Trans Mountain suspends construction until January–4, 2021



Fatality at Trans Mountain worksite


Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC

News – CER statement on the fatality at Trans Mountain worksite


News – CER update regarding fatality at Trans Mountain worksite

News- CER issues order to Trans Mountain in relation to worksite fatality



Above ground crude oil release at the Enbridge Youngstown Pump Station

Youngstown, Alta.


News Release – Canada Energy Regulator responds to crude oil release at Enbridge’s Express Line Pump Station, near Youngstown, Alberta


News – Update on the Youngstown Pump Station incident



Above ground crude oil release at the Trans Mountain pipeline Sumas pump station

Abbotsford, B.C.

Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC

News – Canada Energy Regulator responds to incident at Trans Mountain’s Sumas Pump Station


News – Incident Update: CER Environmental Protection Inspection Officer deployed, to conduct inspection with IAMC Indigenous Monitors at incident site

News – CER on-site response to Trans Mountain’s Sumas Pump Station incident has concluded

Joint statement from CER and the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project on joint inspection of Sumas Pump Station

Inspection report CV2021-454

Pipeline transportation safety investigation P20H0023


Aboveground crude oil release at the Line 3 Herschel pump station

Herschel, Sask.



News release – Canada Energy Regulator responds to incident at Enbridge Line 3 pump station


News – Update: Latest information on the incident at Enbridge’s Line 3 Herschel pump station

Feature story – Adapting inspections in response to COVID-19

Inspection report CV2021-414

Pipeline transportation safety investigation P20H0017

Pipeline transportation safety investigation report P20H0017


Gas pipeline rupture

Prince George, B.C.

Westcoast (owned and operated by Enbridge)

Archived content

Pipeline transportation safety investigation P18H0088

Need information on an incident

For information or reports on earlier regulatory work done related to an incident, email info@cer-rec.gc.ca or contact the CER Library.

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