Energy Information Program

The NEB’s energy information program is closely linked to its regulatory responsibilities as defined in the National Energy Board Act. The primary role of the Board is to regulate the construction and operation of international and interprovincial oil and gas pipelines. Under Part VI of the Act, the NEB regulates the export and import of natural gas as well as the export of natural gas liquids, crude oil and petroleum products, and electricity. The Act requires the Board to ensure that oil and gas exports are surplus to Canadian requirementsFootnote 1.

In addition, Part II of the Act states that the Board shall study and keep under review energy matters over which Parliament has jurisdiction, and provide the Minister with such advice as the Minister may request. In 2014, the Ministers of Natural Resources and Industry requested that the NEB and the Competition Bureau work together to review propane market issues. A final report was published in April 2014.

The Board actively monitors and assesses energy supply and markets to determine whether surplus energy remains available and to understand the context within which it is regulating The NEB believes that well-functioning, competitive markets efficiently balance supply and demand, and lead to innovative and robust energy systems.

Integrated Energy Analysis

From its energy supply and market monitoring activities, the Board produces neutral, independent and fact-based energy information for Canadians. These products increase the transparency of Canadian energy markets and support Canadian energy literacy.

Canada’s Energy Futures
Released every two years, the Energy Futures Report is the Board’s flagship product and presents a comprehensive assessment of long term trends for Canada’s energy demand and supply. Detailed analysis is presented by province and territory covering all energy fuels and economic sectors.

Market Snapshots, Canadian Energy Dynamics and Canadian Energy Overview
Market Snapshots are regular energy information updates that illustrate emerging trends in various aspects of energy supply and markets. Canadian Energy Dynamics analyzes important developments in Canadian energy markets while the Canadian Energy Overview provides basic data on Canadian energy supplies and markets. Both reports address the preceding year.

Canadian Pipeline Transportation System Report
The Board periodically assesses the economic functioning of the Canadian pipeline transportation system. This report offers a snapshot in time of NEB regulated pipelines.


The NEB collects and publishes statistics on the export information it receives from energy companies and on certain energy matters from other reporting agencies. These include: marketable natural gas supply and imports; estimated Canadian crude oil production, disposition and imports; weekly crude run summaries; liquefied petroleum gas underground inventories and; natural gas, propane, butane, crude oil and petroleum products and electricity exports.

Deliverability Reports and Resource Assessments
Short-term Natural Gas Deliverability reports focus on natural gas supply over two years and demand factors are included through price projections. Resource assessment studies on hydrocarbons are longer-term analyses and are required to ensure that Canada’s energy needs will be met in the long term and that surplus energy is available. The studies are generally undertaken jointly with other governments.

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