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Pipeline Performance Measures 2015 and 2016 Data Reports

Pipeline Performance Measures 2015 and 2016 Data Reports [PDF 80 KB]

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February 6, 2019

All National Energy Board Regulated Companies

Pipeline Performance Measures 2015 and 2016 Data Reports

The National Energy Board (Board) is pleased to advise you that the third and fourth years of annual pipeline company reporting on performance measures are now available on the Board website on Pipeline Performance Measures.

The data collected so far indicates a high rate of achievement of planned activities. Additionally, the data on activities conducted provides a good picture of the degree of effort applied to safely operate pipelines. The average measures provide useful benchmarks against which your company can assess its own performance.

Board-regulated pipeline companies are expected to continually improve their safety performance. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to integrate the measures in this report with your own measures within your management system. This will provide you with even more information to annually evaluate effectiveness in meeting company goals, objectives and targets. A comprehensive set of measures also allows for the results to be tracked over time to contribute to continual improvement in company operations, including employee performance, and a more positive safety culture.

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Original signed by C. Peter Watson

C. Peter Watson, P. Eng., FCAE
Chair and CEO


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