CER Emergency response

The CER is prepared to respond to emergencies anywhere in Canada, at any time. We will ensure that the responsible company undertakes all reasonable measures to end the incident, clean any affected areas and conduct a full remediation of any environmental effects from the incident.

The CER has emergency response procedures.

The CER’s policy is to use the Incident Command System as its response structure. The system is widely used by government agencies, industries and response agencies as a common tool that allows for an integrated structure and communications protocol for emergency situations. Our incident management team deployed to an incident will use the incident command system and participate in unified command, if it is activated.

Where multiple jurisdictions may be involved at an incident site, the incident command system can be expanded to a unified command structure. It is also the CER’s policy to become a member of unified command, where the CER, the company, provincial agencies and possibly local government or indigenous jointly oversee and direct the response to an emergency.

The CER holds regulated companies responsible for responding in a manner that protects people and the environment. We also have the authority to take enforcement action to require the company to take measures to protect people and the environment.

For more information on the how we are notified of an emergency and our role during emergencies, please view the Responding to Emergencies pamphlet.

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