Information for Environmental Non-Government Organizations (ENGOs)

Several years ago, we created an ENGO co-ordinator role to enhance communication with environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs). The result: improved relevance and co-ordination of ENGO participation in CER processes, and increased awareness of ENGO perspectives on strategic issues.

Our ENGO co-ordinator:

  • shares relevant CER information with interested ENGOs in a timely manner
  • acts as a point of contact for ENGOs interested in gathering more information on the CER and its processes
  • provides input to the CER on feedback received from ENGOs

We continue to identify opportunities for improved ENGO participation in CER processes. Our goal is to improve environmental protection during the design, construction, operation, and abandonment of pipeline facilities and Northern oil and gas activities. For more information or to be included in our ENGO engagement activities, please email

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