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Land Matters Group – January 2013 Update

As a participant in the Land Matters Group (LMG), you are receiving this update to keep you informed about ongoing LMG work and other initiatives that may be of interest to you.

Public Involvement Sub-Committee Update

The Board reviewed the LMG Public Involvement Workshop Sub-Committee's Report on the National Energy Board's Oversight of Public Involvement Programs by Regulated Companies and responded on 17 October 2012. The Board confirmed its commitment to continual improvement and noted that many of the Sub-Committee’s recommendations are complementary to and supportive of Board initiatives in progress. Of particular note, the Board:

  • will be integrating components of the NEB Draft Expectation for Public Involvement into its Filing Manual to clarify company consultation filing requirements.
  • strongly encouraged industry to develop, adopt and promote best practices and training standards for land agent conduct. The Board would see a best practices guide (such as a code of conduct), developed in consultation with landowners, as a major improvement in this area.

To see the Sub-Committee's full report, along with the Board's response, see [Filing A48574].

“Proactivity and Prevention is the Name of the Game in Pipeline Safety”, says NEB Chair

As the world’s energy needs continue to increase, global focus has shifted to Canada and our resource-rich landscape. There is no doubt that oil and gas remain a fundamental need in our society, however Canadians require these resources to be developed safely and responsibly. The Board agrees and sees this as a fundamental element of the work that we do in keeping Canadians safe and protecting the environment…. To see more: Letter from the Chair: Proactivity and Prevention the Name of the Game in Pipeline Safety.

Enforcement Measures Made Public

As part of the Action Plan on Safety and Environmental Protection, the Board posts its compliance verification results on its website. Canadians can learn about Board-initiated safety and environmental compliance actions at Safety and Environmental Compliance.

Recent federal government budget announcements committed the NEB to increasing oil and gas pipelines inspections by 50% from 100 to 150, as well as double the number of comprehensive audits from 3 to 6.

Administrative Monetary Penalties

Starting in July 2013, the Canadian Government will be adding another tool to the Board’s compliance and enforcement toolkit: administrative monetary penalties (AMPs). New AMP sections will set out maximum daily penalties for regulatory violations by companies and individuals, and other details.

For more information on AMPs and to view a document outlining frequently asked questions, see Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations (National Energy Board).

NEB Safety Forum 2013

The National Energy Board invites you to attend the upcoming Safety Forum 2013 on June 5th and 6th at the BMO Centre in Stampede Park, Calgary. This is a no cost, 2 day event, open to the public.

The Board has released a discussion paper titled Emerging Issues in Oil and Gas Industry Safety Management, that provides further context for the discussions at the forum. We encourage you to read this paper and come to the forum prepared to participate in what is sure to be a lively discussion.

About Your LMG Steering Committee ...

Jamie Kereliuk, Steering Committee Chair, is the Business Unit Leader of Applications at the Board where he is accountable for overseeing the public hearing process, as well as aboriginal and public engagement initiatives. Jamie is a biologist and has over 16 years of experience working and leading teams.

The LMG Steering Committee met three times in 2012 to discuss current and emerging land matter issues, including recommendations for improvements to the Board’s approach to regulating facilities and company activities.

For the full list of members of the LMG Steering Committee and their Terms of Reference, see Land Matters Group – Steering Committee.


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